Abstract Submission

Deadline abstract submission: March 31st, 2016

In line with the activities, all participants are invited to hand in abstracts for oral presentations or electronic poster by March 31st, 2016.

1. The title of the abstract must be entered in capital letters (maximum 100 characters)

2. The text must fit entirely in the rectangular space allotted on this form (maximum 500 words)

3. The lines must be single-spaced.

4. All fields must be entered.

5. Personal data refers to those of the First Author.

6. The name of the First Author must be repeated in the "Authors" field too.

7. All authors' names and first author's name must be entered as follows: INITIAL. SURNAME (e.g. J. Smith).

8. In case of more than one affiliation please indicate them in the proper field, following the order pointed out for each of the authors. (e.g. Authors: J. Smith 1, F. Lewis 2, A. Burton 3 Affiliation: 1 Saint Paul Hospital 2 Cambridge University 3 Oxford University).

9. Please note that the abstract needs to be structured and to include the following sections:
a) Introduction/Background;
b) Patients and Methods;
c) Results;
d) Conclusion(s).

10. Case reports constitute an exception to this, and these should include the following sections:
a) Introduction/Background;
b) Case report;
c) Conclusion(s)

Abstracts have to be submitted in English, no more than 500 words length.
The only multimedia technology accepted is MS-PowerPoint. The congress rooms are equipped with laptop and video/data projector. There is no support provided for overhead and slide projection. Please note that using your own laptop is permitted.
The scientific committee will notify you about the acceptance of your abstract directly after the approval. If you have any further inquiries relating to the abstract submission please contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congres Organizing Team